Product of the Week: StoneTether

stonetetherStoneTether is for anyone that has ever found themselves searching the house for their lost car keys, misplaced laptop or any other precious item. This small and inconspicuous electronic tether will not only save you time looking for lost items but it can also provide peace of mind when you put it in your child’s pocket while in a crowded area or on your pet’s collar. This small device has a tracking range of 500 feet and sends alerts to your phone when an item it nearing that boundary. If however you lose an item that is beyond this 500 feet boundary you can use the StoneTether network to find its exact location at any range.

“StoneTether is not your ordinary wireless tracker, we designed this device specifically around the user, so it’s extremely small/thin and easy to use. It is the world’s first compact Bluetooth tracker that reaches a distance of 500 feet.This is achieved through a developed antenna combined with our proprietary software that reaches this incredible range and we are excited to say it’s built into StoneTether.”

The StoneTether is small, almost as small as a quarter, and as an engineering firm we can really appreciate the complexity of this and the aesthetic design incorporated seamlessly into this device.

Learn more about the StoneTether on Kickstarter or the official website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!


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July 2024

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