Production Manufacturing Insights for Entrepreneurs

Production manufacturing insights for entrepreneurs.We are often asked about the process of researching and procuring a manufacturing partner, so we have decided to delve deeper into the topic of “manufacturing partnerships”. Before a manufacturing partnership can be solidified, we recommend visiting the manufacturing facility, if possible, to get a feel of how your product will be made and to meet management face-to-face.

Finding a Production Manufacturing Partner

Our 3D Innovations team has developed strong supply chains and manufacturing channels, both locally and internationally, over the years and is well versed in manufacturing partner selection.

For many entrepreneurs, visiting a factory for the very first time can be overwhelming and intimidating, so having a partner present to help guide and explain the process is greatly beneficial.

Visiting the manufacturing facility has many benefits, the primary benefit is that the client gets to physically see where their product will be manufactured. Seeing the parts being molded in front of their eyes, gives them a deeper appreciation of the entire design process and practices that went into getting their product developed. Also, there is no substitute to a face-to-face meeting with the individuals that will be building the product and directly seeing the process in which it will be manufactured. At the end of a factory visit we find that clients often feel confident in their decision to begin the manufacturing phase of product development, accompanied with a huge sense of relief to have finally decided on and secured a manufacturing partner.

Manufacturing is Constantly Evolving

With a visit to a potential manufacturing partner you will be able to see the practices they have in place first-hand and their level of efficiency. Improvements in manufacturing have come a long way. It is quite evident that manufacturing companies need to constantly upgrade their technologies to be efficient and competitive. There are some advanced manufacturing systems that make manufacturers not only efficient, but able to handle large-scale projects and track every stage of the process until the items were shipped out.

Depending on your individual product and the complexity of the design, factory visits are not mandatory or always necessary. However, after a visit you will have a better sense of what your product will look like in the end.

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