Starting a Business | Addressing Common Problems

Addressing common problems when starting a business.When it comes to starting a business and launching a startup the internet is full of “how to” information and it can quickly become overwhelming. In this post we break down some of the main areas of product development (and common pain points for entrepreneurs): prototyping, customer feedback, intellectual property, and manufacturing. Each of these areas has related articles that address common problems and provide information on how to get started.

Prototyping Your Idea

The Importance of Prototyping During Product Development

A prototype is a tangible representation of your idea and it is a necessary step in the product development process. It can be viewed as an experimental model of your idea that is then used to test or validate design and usability aspects of it.

What is 3D Digital Design? A Closer Look at the Technology

3D digital design is where we start in terms of the product development timeline. After the initial product idea is brought to us by the inventor, we then take their idea and transform it into a 3D digital design. This 3D design allows us to refine and develop a manufacturable design.

How to Design Environmentally Friendly Products

Consumers are driving change and pushing companies to design environmentally friendly products. This has led to a real shift in the product development and manufacturing space towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices as well.

Gathering Feedback on Your Product

Product Innovation Starts with Listening (to the Market)

In order to compete in this shifting landscape, it is critical that you listen, actually listen, to the problem your customers are having and tailoring your solution to solve it.

3 Reasons to Start a Crowdfunding Campaign Now

While 2020 has certainly shaped up to be one challenging year and changed a lot of things, one thing has not changed, your customer is the best investor any entrepreneur can have.

Moving Your Product into Manufacturing

Getting Started with Production Manufacturing

The manufacturing phase of product development can be a challenge for first-time entrepreneurs because there are many different options when it comes to finding a production manufacturing partner (both foreign or domestic) along with material selection and the best manufacturing method.

A Breakdown of Package Labeling Requirements

Package labeling and design requirements depend on your product specifications, where you intend to sell your product, where it was manufactured, and figuring out exactly what you need on your product’s package can be confusing. Here we detail items to consider when designing your packaging labeling and overall design.

The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Production Manufacturing

For years now manufacturing has been undergoing some major shifts, however the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled these changes forward.

Diving into Intellectual Property

The Benefits of Patent Protection for Startups

Patents play an integral part in protecting an invention—from the exterior aesthetics to the internal technology. Having a patent for your invention will protect it from copycats and the exclusive rights provide you with a stronger market position and distinct business advantages.

Intellectual Property Protection | The Basics for Startups

From the record number of patents issued in 2019, one thing is clear, intellectual property protection continues to be a cornerstone of businesses both big and small.

Starting Business

Starting a Business During a Pandemic | What You Need to Know

Starting a business anytime is an exciting challenge and, starting one during a global pandemic adds just another layer of obstacles to conquer. However, with the right mindset and business acumen you can make it happen.

Building a Successful Startup From the Ground Up

Building a product is one thing, building a successful startup that can stand the test of time is a completely different thing. Yes, your product and startup go hand-in-hand, and there isn’t one without the other—however, the business landscape is littered with startups that built great products but didn’t have an eye on the long-term.

An Entrepreneurs Guide to Your First Product Development Meeting

This post is a guide to ease your concerns and help you prepare for your first product development meeting.

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