Startup Connector: Tickets Now Available for ‘Hackers Affinity’ Dinner

EMWIn December we were thrilled to announce that Startup Connector, Hawaii’s only Hardware Manufacturing accelerator, would be hosting the East Meets West ‘Hackers Affinity’ dinner on January 14th following the first day of the conference. Today we are letting you know that tickets are now available for the dinner!

The Hackers Affinity dinner is a chance to sit down and connect with Gang Lu – #1 tech blogger in China, Paul Ford – Hacker and entrepreneur/community builder extraordinaire, and Cyril Ebersweiler – Founder of HAX, the #1 hardware accelerator in the world.

*Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite. There are only 15 seats available, reserve yours today!

Collin Kobayashi, the Founder of 3D Innovations and Co-Founder of Startup Connector, will be at the East Meets West conference and would love to connect and chat about Hawaii’s new manufacturing accelerator. If you would like to schedule a time to talk with him, please send him an email,


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