The Evolution of Education

Design_News_LOGOLately there has been quite a bit of news about the uncertain future facing traditional four-year colleges. Most recently, Sweet Briar College, a 114-year-old private women’s college in Virginia announced that it would be closing its doors for good at the end of this semester. Many people believe that Sweet Briar College shutting down is just the beginning of what’s to come. Politicians and well-known public figures have been speaking out about the trouble with the current education system and the need for immediate reform.

This week Design News published an article that delves into the heart of the matter, Q&A with David Goldberg: Universities Must Change to Keep Up with ‘Era of Design’, in which Mr. Goldberg discusses disruptive innovation in regards to public and non-profit universities. He also talks about for-profit universities and how they are taking a business style approach to education to attract and retain students, and so far this model seems to be catching on. In regards to STEM education, retention is a major challenge for schools, but this for-profit model might be one way to keep students on track until graduation. Let us know what you think!

You can read the Q&A session with David Goldberg in its entirety on the Design News website.


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