Top 3D Innovations Blog Posts of 2021

Our top blog posts of 2021.It’s that time of the year where we reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming one. We work hard to make sure that our 3D Innovations blog is a wealth of information for entrepreneurs, small businesses and inventors interested in learning more about product development and related technologies. Below is a snapshot of our top blog posts from 2021.

3D Printing Technology Excels in Product Development

Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing, is a technology that has experienced exponential growth. The rapid acceleration of 3D printing technology advancements, material selection availability and the breakdown of entry barriers, have led to an increased interest by businesses, educational institutions, and governments.

There is a lot of talk about how this technology will revolutionize different facets of life, however, right now, as the technology stands, it truly excels when it comes to assisting with product development. The highly customizable nature of 3D printing means that products can be tailor made to fit different people and situations.

3D Printing Shines at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

3D printing excels when it comes to customization and it’s no surprise that it is making a splash and taking center stage, literally, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Developing Your Idea from Concept to Product

Developing an idea from concept to product is exciting. However, the product development process isn’t always clear cut and it is advantageous to work with skilled experts that can help guide you on the journey and avoid potential roadblocks.

3D Printing: Three Common STL File Errors to Avoid

Saving your CAD file in STL file format does not guarantee that you will have a successful print though. As we have mentioned before, 3D printing isn’t a simple push button technology, your STL file needs to be optimized and error free for a successful print.

Five Ways to Protect Your Startup’s Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is, in essence, the backbone of a startup. A solid IP strategy protects a business’ original ideas, designs, inventions, and creative works. It is a means to protect what you have created from copycats. Today, information is more accessible than ever, which means that safeguarding your startup’s IP is vital to its success.

5 Benefits of a Growth Mindset for Entrepreneurs

We have all heard about growth mindset when it comes to students and their education, however this mindset stretches far beyond school and is extremely advantageous for entrepreneurs as well. When we embrace challenges, look for new ways of doing things and understand that we are always learning, we adopt a growth mindset into every facet of our lives.

Inventing Isn’t Just for Entrepreneurs — A Client Snapshot

Inventing isn’t just for entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley or a younger age demographic. Often times people come up with truly amazing ideas based on a personal need but, stop there because they don’t know how to transition the idea into an actual product. From our perspective, some of the best products on the market come from instances in which someone is solving a personal need and found a gap in the current marketplace. The truth is, if you have a need there are others facing the same issue looking for a solution. Your product idea can be that solution.

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