VXC800 Is The World’s First 3D Continuous Printer

There is no doubt that 2013 will bring many more advancements in 3D printing. One major milestone is already scheduled, the release of the VXC800 by Voxeljet Technology GmbH. The continuous feature of this printer is sure to set it apart; it will offer a process that is continuous and require little human operation/interaction once that parts have been started.

“The VXC800’s process works by simultaneously executing the 3D printing build activities on one side of the system and the unpacking step on the rear of the unit — without requiring interruptions of the printer’s operations. The company explains further that its technology incorporates a patent-pending design that uses a horizontal conveyor belt to control the layer building process.”

This type of printer will have three major impacts on your current operations:

  1.  It enables you to build 3D models and unload completed models at the same time.
  2. This capability means that you can do a lot of short runs of decent-sized models simultaneously and affordably.
  3. Since the conveyor belts in operation are a loop — no linear beginning and end — the length of your model is limited only by practicality.

“The company says that the VXC800 as well as its operating costs will be lower than those of conventional 3D printing systems. The first deliveries of the VXC800 are planned for the second quarter of 2013.” This is definitely a printer that we will keep our eye on in the coming year.

Source: 3D Printer Builds and Unpacks Models Continuously by Desktop Engineering

May 2024

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